Garuda Biodynamics Investment Opportunities
'Provers' Required
Shrort Snorts
GE Plants - Turned to slime
Etherics Seaweed and Eco Seaweed


Garuda Biodynamics is expanding in several different directions. In October of last year the consulting and essence businesses were separated. Garuda Consultants Ltd and Garuda Homeopathics Ltd are now separate entities. This was done so they can both develop in their own separate manner and character.

The consulting business needs to expand and bring in more consultants both here in New Zealand and in other countries, while the essences business also needs to concentrate on its core goal of providing Biodynamic Essences here and overseas, for agriculture and human needs. There are various options available for how the production will be done at each site.
We see many avenues for growth and wish to invite investment from any interested parties.

Garuda Homeopathics Opportunities
Having the Garuda BD remedies available is the first step to them being used by people, farmers and consultants. The essence business has many expansion possibilities and so can benefit from capital raising to speed this process up. We also need to expand our management expertise. If you are interested or know of someone who would be interested in exploring investment in Garuda further, we would love to hear from you.

Garuda Consultants Opportunities
The consulting business is expanding through the development of a larger network of consultants. We wish this to be through self employed consultants who use Garuda Biodynamic techniques, approach and remedies in their practices. If you would like to act as a consultant, or know someone who would be appropriate for this work then please let us know.

‘Provers’ Required

Garuda Homeopathics Ltd has the rights to make and market the Garuda Trusts research. To date this research has provided good remedies for Asthma , Hayfever, Insomnia, Digestive disorders, Calming children, a Rescue Remedy, Immune system strengthener and many more. The research these remedies has arisen from is unique to Garuda BD.

The Garuda BD approach to agriculture has provided some unique remedies and processes as well. To date we have unique remedies for Powdery Mildew and many other Fungus’s, several Plant growth controls which can be used for non GE plant species development, and several weather control remedies.

We would like to expand our network of ‘provers’. If you wish to take part in experiencing and experimenting with our remedies, both human or agricultural please contact us. email:

Short Snorts

GE Royal Commission
Christy Hartlage of Garuda BD Institute acted as an expert witness for the Responsible Scientists and Physicians submission to the GE Royal Commission. Her expertise was on Environmental Ethics.

Christy has just begun her Phd studies with West Sydney University. Her doctorate will be on “The Ecology of Pleasure”. A thesis on how environmental action is, can, and needs to be pleasurable for it to be sustained.

At present Christy is at Schumacher College in England, attending a course “Ecology and the Sacred”.
Hopefully Christy will give a summary of her approach in the future.

PVH Peppering
Tim Oliver of Karapiro in the Waikato has sent us a letter outlining his successes with his orchard’s PVH pepper.

For a cost of $50 per ha per annum over his 10.5 canopy ha, orchard , Tim estimates he has made a saving of some $100,000 over the last few seasons due to his pepper use.

It is appearing that orchards with a pepper made specifically from insects from their own orchards are having better success with peppers than those using the generic peppers. We would also expect that another pepper would need to be made at some future date. Tim has been using his for four seasons so far and still believes it is giving him adequate control of the pest. So we are monitoring this situation.

GE PLANTS - Turned to Slime

All life on Earth could be destroyed by genetically modified bacteria, a scientist has told the Royal Commission on Genetic Modification.

Four scientists gave evidence for the Green Party at the hearing this week via video link from the United States.
Soil ecologist Elaine Ingham spoke about a plant-killing GM bacteria that her Oregon State University research team prevented from being released into the environment.

Dr Ingham said the alcohol-producing bacteria had been approved for field trials when her team discovered its lethal effects.
She believed the widespread plant deaths caused by the bacteria would in turn affect all life on Earth.

The GM klebsiella planticola produced alcohol from post-harvest crop residue. The leftover organic sludge, containing the bacteria, would be returned to fields as fertiliser.

Dr Ingham said she had independently tested the bacteria on plants, which the regulatory authority had failed to do.

"After seven days, all wheat plants turned into slime."

Etherics Seaweed and Eco Seaweed

There has been some confusion this season about the difference between Etherics Seaweed and the seaweed product marketed by Eco Seaweed, which also contains some Etherics 1000.

The difference between these two products is the amount of Etherics 1000 in each. Etherics Seaweed uses Eco Seaweed as its base with Etherics 1000 added at the rate of 250mls per hectare. Depending on your seaweed application rate this can be either 250mls per 5 litres or 250mls per 10 litres. Eco Seaweed has Etherics 1000 at the liquid seaweed making rate of 1 ml per 2 litres of water.

Thus the difference between 10 litres of Eco Seaweed and 10 litres of Etherics Seaweed is 245mls of Etherics 1000.