The Biodynamic Vortex

The Biodynamic Vortex has one major difference from the standard Astrological Vortex.

This shows up in the way the 3 fold - Modes layer of the diagram is arranged.

The above diagram shows how this levels works within the Astrological Model. The Astrological model has been developed primarily to describe human psychologocal processes, while the Biodynamic Vortex has to show how energies are organised for the physical manifestations of things and especially plants.

In this case Rudolf Steiner as well as the Hindu scriptures have told us that the head of man correesponds to the root of the plant and that our digestive system corresponds to the above ground regions of the plant.

Thus the fixed pole which psychologically relates to the stable Earthly pole of the Astrological Vortex, in the Biodynamic Vortex relates to the physical area fo man and plants which is the most contracted and condensed being the head and root. These areas are where the spirit -cosmic- forces work the most strongly in both these kingdoms and so for physical matters the Fixed and Cardinal poles are reversed in the diagram. This gives us the follow diagram we must use when working with Biodynamic Agriculture.