Garuda Biodynamics

The Garuda Biodynamic Institute, (GBI) is based in Te Puke, New Zealand. It is focused on developing the agricultural and medical work of the turn of the century German philosopher, Dr Rudolf Steiner. The Garuda BD Institutues founder', Glen Atkinson, began working with Dr Steiners indications in 1976. By recognising the fundamental similiarity, between traditional Astrological understandings and Steiner's suggestions, a simple yet innovative theory and philosophy,- The Atkinson Conjecture - has become the basis for our many practical activities.

The 'Online Books' section, contains four books outlining the basis of this world view, which has then been used in the development of the biodynamic homeopathic essence system, that naturally arises from this study.

The products arising from the work are available from BdMax ltd, in several countries.

'Case Studies', has formal and informal research studies, undertaken by the Institute, to support our theoretical strivings.

The 'Pictures' section provides artistic images that summarise many of the chapters in the books.

Our research into Chemistry has lead to the online book 'Biodynamic Chemistry' in which the Periodic Table of chemical elements was first re-organised into a 'Circular Periodic Table' and then into a '3D Gyroscopic Periodic Table'.

Dr Steiner's agricultural indications are contained within a series of 8 lectures known as the 'Agriculture Course'. To aid in their understanding and appreciation, we have provided these often difficult lectures with a commentary, that seeks to harmonise them into a cohesive comphrehensible whole.

GBI presents seminars from time to time, in various countries, on Biodynamic subjects. Glen Atkinson presents a lecture series, annually, at Emerson College in the UK. Outside participants are welcome. An annual seminar event is also held in New Zealand in June.

We trust you will enjoy your visit and find something of interest.

Why Garuda?

Garuda is a Hindu god, who as an incarnated EAGLE manifestation of the primary god Vishnu. He performs several essential functions in life.
In India he is represented as a protector of the godly and all that is good for life.
In Indonesia he is represented as the Eagle who carries Vishnu to the Earth, thus he is "Bringing Spirit to Earth".
The Eagle also represents the ability to fly high and gain a far seeing vision , or large overview perspective of Life, while being able to also see the specific details of the environment.
This last quality I see mirrored in a suggestion by Rudolf Steiner (RS)

"... when we want to understand the plant, we must bring into question not only plant animal and human life, but the whole universe. For life comes from the whole universe not only the Earth. Nature is a unity and her forces are at work from all sides. He who can keep his mind open to the manifest workings of these forces will understand her. " R.S. Pg 70 1938 Agriculture. (1)

'This statement has long been a 'guiding thought' for me in my working with his indications, which so beautifully bring Spirit to Earth and help life processes function at their optimum.' (GA)