Writings and diagrams by Glen Atkinson
on the nature of life, the universe and everything

Thought Form Puzzles

All is One

Apple of Life

Indicates the patterns of energy active within the cosmic gyroscope

Meditations on Creation

Diagrams and essay outlining the 'structure' of how the spiritual spheres and their 'bodies' are organised and come together in the four kingdoms of nature

Creations Layer Cake

This picture and article presents these same ideas but they appear in our vertical creation from the standpoint of the Physical and Astronomical reality within which we live.

Biodynamics Decoded

This is the Vortex chart of biodynamic information

Steps to the Gyroscope

Here are the two reference schemes, used to make up the layers and rings, of my Gyroscope pictures.

It is through this cross reference, that an interplay of spiritual body activity, is identified

World and Personal Manifestations within the 'Apple of Life'

This picture and article presents the Biodynamic words and concepts which relate to the  different layers of the "Apple of Life". This diagram acts as a glossary for the 'Agriculture' course given by Rudolf Steiner in 1924.

Periodic Tables

Gyroscopic Periodic Table

Gyroscopic Periodic based on the Internal Physical Arm

Spiral Periodic Table

AllinOne Periodic

The Planets

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